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Reservation Information

Cancellation and refund conditions for reservations made through Tu Casa Hotels official website or call center to vary according to the price plan. Cancellation, refund, and price changes are not possible after the reservation is confirmed for prepaid prices. At the last stage of the reservation, you are asked to tick a checkbox (I have read the Conditions of the Agreement) that you approve these conditions before collection. Ticking this checkbox indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms.


For the prepaid price, only credit cards with Mastercard "3D secure" or Visa "Verified by Visa" feature, payment is accepted by credit cards with text message confirmation codes.


In the Semi-Flexible price advantage, the first-day fee is charged to your credit card at the time of booking and this amount is non-refundable. The remainder is paid at check-in.


With flexible price advantage; The rates paid at check-in at the hotel are refunded on the same day to check the validity of your credit card.


​According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, it is not possible to make foreign currency collection from credit cards of Turkish Banks via virtual or non-virtual pos devices of Turkish banks.


Before the completion of the reservation, it is highly recommended that you read the unique conditions of the price type which you have selected from the link available next to the related approval checkbox.


Dynamic pricing is applied on our official website and call center. In determining the prices, it is related to the hotel, accommodation date, reservation date, room type, number of people, price plan, country of origin, IP address, and room occupancy rate. Prices are subject to change until the reservation is confirmed. Generally, an earlier booking will result in a cheaper rate. In rare cases, a cheaper rate may be offered closer to the check-in date for a limited number of rooms.


Child prices are calculated according to the ages of the children and may vary. For this reason, the age of the children should be specified as the age at the time of entry to the hotel at the time of booking. During check-in at the hotel, the age of the children is checked using the identity cards, and if there is a discrepancy between the age specified in the current identity card and the age specified at the reservation stage, an extra fee is charged depending on the age difference.


Prices are determined by the country where the user is located on the website. Users vary according to their country of origin, region, and market. At the reservation stage, prices are offered according to the IP address of the site user and the phone number of the person calling the call center. If you come from a different country other than the country determined at the check-in stage, there may be a price difference, and in this case, an extra fee will be charged during check-in.


Round-trip airport transfers can be added to the prepaid price or semi-flexible price types made with our site or call center, for an additional fee. Each of our vehicles is a maximum of 4 persons. In case you cannot find your transfer vehicle after landing at Antalya Airport or Gazipaşa Airport or if you have any questions, you can reach our Hotels at any time by calling to get help.

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