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Explore Antalya Kaleiçi: A Fusion of History and Sea

Antalya is not only a holiday city, but also a deep and colourful historical mosaic. Kaleici, located at the heart of this history, takes its visitors on a journey through time with its narrow streets, historical buildings and colourful life that carry the spirit of past times to the present. Bearing traces of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, this historical region fascinates visitors with its cobbled streets, colourful houses, historical monuments and magnificent sea views. In addition to visiting historical and touristic places in Kaleiçi, you can also do many activities. You can join boat tours in the region, walk along the cobbled streets, enjoy the view, and shop from handicraft products. Due to its location in the very centre of Antalya, it is a great starting point for exploring the whole city. Departing from Kaleici, you can easily reach the most popular tourist attractions of Antalya, feel the historical texture of the city and enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Historical Texture of Kaleici
Kaleiçi is one of the oldest settlements in Antalya and bears traces of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Founded by Attalos II in the 2nd century BC, the city has been an important harbour city throughout history thanks to its strategic location. Kaleiçi, which became an important trade centre during the Roman Empire, was also used by the Byzantines. In the 13th century, the Ottomans, who conquered Anatolia, chose Kaleiçi as the capital of Antalya. Many mosques, baths, madrasahs and mansions were built during this period. The narrow streets, historical houses and old walls of Kaleiçi are the elements that make visitors feel this rich heritage.

Hadrian's Gate
Built in 130 in honour of the Roman Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city, this magnificent gate stands out with its excellent workmanship. The three-arched structure and the detailed reliefs on it exhibit the elegance of Roman architecture.
Kaleici Marina
It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antalya. Located west of Kaleici, this harbour has a lively atmosphere. The marina is an important attraction of Antalya and Kaleiçi.
Yivli Minaret
This minaret, one of the symbols of Antalya, was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in the 13th century. The area around the minaret hosts many cultural events today.
Clock Tower
The Clock Tower, one of the landmarks of Kaleiçi, was built during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid (1899). It fascinates its visitors with its historical and aesthetic structure.
Hıdırlık Tower
Dating from the Roman period, this tower was built to protect the entrance to the harbour of Antalya.
Kesik Minaret
Kesik Minaret is a unique structure that was originally a temple from the Roman period, converted into a church and then a mosque over time. It has an interesting story with the cut structure from which it takes its name.
Antalya Archaeological Museum
Located a short distance from Kaleiçi, this museum attracts attention with its rich collections that shed light on the history of the region. Artefacts covering a wide period of time from ancient times to the present day are exhibited.

In addition to being a region that stands out with its historical and natural beauties, Antalya Kaleiçi also hosts various events and festivals organised throughout the year. These events enrich the lively atmosphere of Kaleiçi and offer a cultural feast. The annual Kaleiçi Old Town Festival brings together international artists and the people of Antalya, bringing together music, dance, theatre and visual arts. The festival fills the historical streets of Kaleiçi with art and gives visitors unforgettable moments.
Antalya Film Festival is another important event that highlights the artistic side of the city and especially Kaleiçi. Film screenings, workshops and interviews with famous directors are integral parts of this festival.
Antalya Kaleiçi continues to host many more events and festivals every year. These events meet the historical and natural beauties of the city and offer unforgettable experiences to those who visit Antalya.

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