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Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Fun


- Step- Aerobics

- Dart

- Water gymnastics

- Boccia

- Night animation shows

- Water cannon

- Table Tennis

- Pool games

- Karaoke

Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Animation
Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Fun
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Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Fun


Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel organizes activities such as live music, shows, competitions indoors and outdoors according to the season for its guests to have a good time. With its convenient location, Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel is just walking distance to the best discos and bars of Kemer. You will enjoy music, dance and dance shows in Kemer.


If you would like to play billiards, table tennis, darts, backgammon, chess or cards during your stay at Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel, our guest relations and service department staff will do their best to help you.


- Outdoor swimming pool : 125 m2, 2 independent pools

- Indoor swimming pool : 50 m2

- Children's pool : 25 m2

- Sun loungers, umbrellas and mattresses: Free of charge

- Beach Towel : Deposit and Usage charge

- The hotel management determines the opening and closing times and dates of the indoor pool.

- Outdoor pools are subjected to automatic chlorination at the highest level of the 2.5-3 ppm range. As always, pool cleaning continues to be carried out in accordance with chemical values that will not cause any disease or outbreak.

- There is a warning sign in the beach and pool area that a shower is required before entering the water.

- White towels in the rooms are not allowed to be taken down to the beach and pool area for hygiene reasons.

Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Pool
Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Pool


Being 150 meters from the beach. Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel allows its guests to cool off in a deep blue and clean sea. On the beach Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel has prepared for you, you can lie on your sun lounger or sit on the colorful cushions under the umbrella and drink your cold drinks.


If you want to entertain yourself on the beach or make your vacation more exciting, you can also take advantage of water sports activities (Jet-ski. sea biking, water skiing, etc.).

Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Beach
Tu Casa Gelidonya Hotel Beach

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